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Archive for July, 2010

New RG Record and Slugs and Bugs Blog

Friday, July 23rd, 2010

For those who have inquired, I’m definitely still doing Randall Goodgame shows. In fact, I’m recording a new project with all new material in a few weeks. However, I have been truly inspired over the past year as I have begun to develop the Slugs and Bugs brand with a tour, new songs, and an active presence on facebook and twitter. Creatively, delving deep into the head space required to consistently create art for kids has been richly rewarding, and consistently hilarious. And I while I have not been here, I have been over at www.slugsandbugs.com writing about that and other kid-related stuff… (a lot of parenting stuff). Click here and it will electronically transport you there.

I’ve now written enough Slugs and Bugs songs to fill up the Christmas record (coming soon) and a follow-up to Slugs and Bugs and Lullabies, but because of the greatness that is the brite revolution, my very next project will be a live recording of all my newest RG material, (including the song I sang at the Ryman last Christmas, With Jesus). I have been collaborating significantly with the great Jason Eskridge, and I can’t wait for you to hear him on these tunes.

So, shoot me an email (click on that big box in the top left corner) if you want to find out about booking a show, either RG or S&B. I’m having a ton of fun either way.