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It’s A Boy!

Well, we knew it would be, but it’s still fun to say.

On November 21st, 2009 I flew to Ethiopia with my father, Tom Goodgame.  He slept or watched Julie and Julia with the new ear buds I got him while I wrote in my journal and read What is the What by Dave Eggers or listened to Don Miller’s new book, A Million Miles in a Thousand Days.  After 20 hours of travel, we landed in Addis Ababa, found our guide (it was like a scavenger hunt) and wound our way through dusty streets to The Guest House.

Just inside, were greeted by other adopting families, most of whom had been there for a few days already.   Our bags were heavy laden with the maximum allowable weight of baby wipes (for the orphanage), so we were thankful for the porters who carried them up the four flights of stairs to our suite.

The next day was Monday.  Adopting parents call it “meetcha day” because it’s the day we first meet our new kids.  The following day is “gotcha day,” because then we’ve got them for good.  Wednesday we made everything official at the US Embassy in Addis Ababa, Thursday we hung out, played with ballons, and and got to know the kids a little more (for us, that was Thanksgiving day, made more potent than usual), and then Friday we left Addis for a gas-up in Rome and then it was on to D.C. and the good old U.S. of A.  That return trip with my dad and Ben was maybe the most difficult 30 hours of my life so far, but I’ll be telling the stories for as long as I live.

My son is Benjamin Tesfahun Goodgame.  He is about 2 and a half, and he is adjusting incredibly well.  That is to say, it has been really, really hard – but not near as hard as it could be. Ben is an amazing kid, but what kid isn’t, really? We are just so thankful to have him.

The last time I took a trip to Africa, I chronicled the events in a blog as I remembered them happening.  This time around, I’m just going to try to write something new every few days or so – either about what is happening now or stories I remember from the trip.  The daily happenings are plentiful enough, with one toddler getting used to a whole new planet, two older kids getting used to a new little brother, and a married couple steering blindly through the night on a song and a prayer.

One Response to “It’s A Boy!”

  1. Tina Koranda -

    Wow! I’ve been checking your blog, waiting to hear news, and then just happened on this tonight! Congratulations to you and your wife, I am so excited for you. My husband and I are in the praying mode over adoption, specifically from Africa, potentially Ethiopia. We shall see what God’s plan is for our family. Hoping you post a few pics of your new addition!


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